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Transfer Of Credit
IUTS will accept transfer credits from other institutions subject to the following conditions and limitations:
• Credits earned at institutions that have been approved by the BPPE, or another appropriate and equivalent state agency, or institutions accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S.D.O.E. will be considered as quivalent to IUTS course work where the course descriptions and /or objectives are similarly to IUTS courses are transferred through official transcripts.
• Credits accepted in transfer must be at the grade level of ‘C’ or higher.
• B.Th.: Up to 90 Semester units
• M.Div.: Up to 18 Semester units
• IUTS reserves the right to deny credit for specific courses.
Students desiring to transfer credits must have an official transcript on file and must confer with the Academic Affair Office before or during their first semester at IUTS. IUTS will provide each approved transfer applicant with a tentative evaluation of credits to be accepted for transfer. An official evaluation will be made after the applicant selects and registers in a degree program. Transferred credits may not appear on IUTS transcripts until the student’s first semester at IUTS are satisfactorily completed.